IBW Multimedia

Entertaining and Educating Children 2-12



IBW Multimedia develops and distributes
original content, including e-books, apps,
games, animation shorts and
show series.

Using the proprietary IBW storytelling format in conjunction with the IBW-VTC™ comprehensive visual text literacy curriculum, young learners are prepared for the
literacy of the digital 21st Century.

IBW is the acronym for Interactive Book-Webscene.

IBW is a unique storytelling process that integrates text and multimedia into a seamless reading process. Our list contains single titles and series for levels
2-5 yrs, 4-6 yrs, 6-8 yrs, and 9-12 yrs.

Most e-books are created in one of two formats: animations with words across the bottom of the screen or words-on-screen read by a narrator. IBW is neither of these. IBW stories are so much more than simply animated books.

IBW storytelling enables the teaching of Visual Text Comprehension (VTC).

Why is VTC an essential skill for today’s children?

In your daily device-life, what do you spend more time doing: READING PRINT TEXT or VIEWING VISUALS?  Which do you think will be more prevalent in the adult lives of today’s children: PRINT TEXT or VISUAL TEXT?

Do you know a single child being taught VTC in their classroom? 

Can you name three companies that provide parents and educators
for teaching Visual Text Comprehension to kids ages 2-12?

Can you name two companies? Well, now, you can name one:

IBW Multimedia



IBW Multimedia™  is the sole owner of the Interactive Book-Webscene (IBW) storytelling format. The IBW is a proprietary process and
may not be used without written agreement of both IBW Multimedia™ and its publisher Ghost Hunter Productions. The IBW-VTC™ is a
full curriculum for the teaching of visual text literacy developed by IBW Multimedia™ and Ghost Hunter Productions.
All materials are copyrighted and may not be used, excerpted, reproduced or rebroadcast in any form without written agreement of
both IBW Multimediaand its publisher Ghost Hunter Productions.

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