Welcome to IBW-TALES Boot Camp Application


Thank you for your interest in the IBW Boot Camp.


Applying is simple!


Here are some FAQS:

What do you look for in a writer?

Are all applicants accepted for the Boot Camp?

Do I send writing samples?

What’s the application process?


Q:  What do you look for in a writer?

A:  We look for certain personal qualities, passions and experiences. (Education is neither a qualifier nor disqualifier. Education is helpful but not an essential driver in selection.) A working comprehension of the basics is required in every career. For a writing career, the basics are grammar, writing skills, creativity and an understanding of your audience. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Are all applicants accepted for the Boot Camp?

A:  No. As with any job, some applicants more perfectly fit into a company’s culture than others. But, unlike most companies, we do not presume to KNOW YOU based upon a resume. Rather, our application questions are posed to enable us to get to know you. Why?


     You have heard the saying writers write what they know. In writing for children, most writers do exactly that! Children’s writers, perhaps more so than other writers, draw from their own experiences. By getting to know you, we gain a small glimpse into the children’s author you might become. [Return to question list.]


Q:  Do I send writing samples?

A:  No. And please do not send your resume at this time. [Return to question list.]


Q:  What’s the application process?

A:  Send us an email as directed below. We will read and respond to each one. [Return to question list.] 



In SUBJECT LINE:  Last Name, First Name ~ WRITER (or EDUCATOR)
            TAYLOR, ANN ~ EDUCATOR

In the EMAIL TEXT, please expound on the following 10 topics. Brief 2-3 sentence answers are fine. Or, develop further to show more of your writing skills! Please number your responses accordingly. Yes, you may skip any questions you feel uncomfortable answering.

Your responses will help us determine if you would enjoy the IBW culture.

Please tell us about you! Tell us:

  1. About your passion (3-5 sentences)
  2. THREE facts about your writing experience and/or your desire to be a writer (that you think most relevant for us to know)
  3. THREE of your best personal qualities (those which your friends and family say about you!)
  4. What about you makes you an amazing Creative
  5. THREE *fun* things to know about you (what you like and/or like to do, things you have accomplished, something you like to do with friends, family)
  6. TWO of your career goals
  7. TWO of your personal goals
  8. About your first mentor and the best advice you received
  9. About the teacher who most impacted your life, how/why
  10. About how you have been a mentor and what you believe was your impact