CAN I WRITE for the IBW?

If you have dreamed of being a published children’s author but never knew where or how to begin... begin here!

We will invest in you ~ training you in the IBW storytelling format, resulting in you becoming a published author! No cost to you! Why? 

We want the best talent we can find to teach how to write in our proprietary storytelling format. (Nope, you have never written or read a book told in this format! Precisely why we know we need to train authors to write our titles!) 

Once you learn the IBW format, we will provide you with opportunities such as being an author for ongoing series, curriculum development or scripting animation shorts. (Authors we have trained are currently writing for their own series.) 

We offer to you participation in our IBW Boot Camp process. After you become a Boot Camp Graduate, you will be invited to pitch us your own IBW concepts! If your concept fills an editorial need ~ or, is just too creative for us to say “no thanks” to ~ we will help you with the necessary support to produce and distribute your concept and/or series. 

Yes, we have marketing and social media support, as well as author consultants to help with your publicity ~ also licensing representation. 

Why do we do all this? 

Good business, it is the right thing to do, and it aligns with our company policy to treat everyone as we would like to be treated, including respect, profit-sharing, and IP equity

We believe that, by treating our Creatives justly ~

our Creatives will wish to remain IBW Creatives.

You will learn to write in the IBW storytelling format. You will work under contract. The titles you produce will be published, creating multiple revenue-streams for you.

Who makes a great IBW author?

  • Children’s Writers
  • Educators (PreK-grade 5)
  • Screenwriters for Children’s Animation
  • Children’s TV scriptwriters

Our Current Needs:

  • Series Authors
  • Series Editors
  • Curriculum Support
  • Short Animation Scriptwriting

We are also developing several new series.

If you have always wanted just a chance...

here’s your chance.

Here are some FAQs:



Q:  Do I have any chance at a writing career?

A:  Certainly. A writing career is much like every other occupation. (Notice that says occupation and not hobby.) Know your craft, do the hard work, and you will be noticed. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What can I expect a successful writing career to look like?

A:  Obviously, publication is necessary. Being PAID is what makes you a professional. Beyond that, YOU need to be introspective about what would make you happy. What would it look like ~ vision is essential. You cannot become what you cannot SEE yourself BEING. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What will a writing career require of me?

A:  Commitment, hard work (very hard work). Example, you will experience less recreational time as much of your free time MUST go to writing. It also means embracing SOLITUDE. Also, eliminate the word can’t from your vocabulary. You must believe in yourself before anyone else will. AND... [Return to question list.]

Q:  Where and how should I begin?

A:  There are plenty of conferences and workshops which, for hefty fees, teach you a few techniques. We suggest the best path is to have a mentor. The best mentor is one who will invest their time in you and your success, while not charging you a penny in return! [Return to question list.]

Q:  Where I Can Find a FREE Mentor?

A:  IBW is offering to mentor you in the IBW storytelling format. It is called the IBW Boot Camp.
IBW Boot Camp will help you to develop your skills to the best of your ability. You will receive feedback that will help further develop your talents. (Please be able to accept feedback not as criticism but as guidance from professional author-editors that is designed to help you improve your storytelling skills.)
[Return to question list.]

Q:  Why is the IBW Boot Camp free?

A:  Putting a cost on the Boot Camp could make it a hardship on some people, preventing them from being able to participate. We want the *best* for IBW authors. By freely teaching the IBW storytelling format to the most talented, creative and passionate writers we can find, IBW will have the most amazing children’s content that can be created. THAT is our objective (not making a few bucks on a workshop!) [Return to question list.]



Click here and find out more about IBW’s free Boot Camp!

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Contrary to popular belief, writing children's books is not easier than writing for adults.
In fact, writing for children may be more difficult since it requires a
comprehensive understanding of the stages of childhood development, and how
they correspond to a child's reading ability and interests.
~ Writer’s Digest magazine