Why IS the IBW Boot Camp FREE?


The IBW is a storytelling format that you have never seen, much less written! It requires a whole different set of creative muscles than what writers are accustomed to using. We have put training in place because we believe that, to have the best authors possible writing IBW titles, we need to teach the IBW format.


Therefore, even if you are a yet-to-be-discovered writer, you can be on equal-footing with industry veterans. Success involves only your skills, creativity and how well you get the IBW.


Through the Boot Camp process, not only will you learn necessary IBW skills, but the books you create will be published, providing you with royalty-based revenue streams.


We have designed the IBW Boot Camp to help you:

  • Develop skills using the proprietary IBW storytelling format. You practice the IBW and you become skilled at crafting better and better IBW stories, mentored by IBW author-editors.
  • Create titles under your name. You have your name on every title you create. You can become a much-published children’s author in a very short time!
  • Establish your own IBW revenue stream. You receive an income! You learn, get published and make money!
  • Qualify for future IBW projects. Boot Camp Graduates are the ONLY writers we consider for new projects, such as series authors.


What is the IBW BOOT CAMP Process?

The IBW Boot Camp is conducted entirely by email communications (maybe an occasional phone chat). Hence, the IBW Boot Camp can be attended by anyone, anywhere in the world!

IBW Boot Camp can be done at your own pace; however, do remember that successful completion makes you eligible for greater opportunities. (Our advice? Don’t wile away the hours! Delay enables others to seize opportunities before you.)

IBW Boot Camp typically requires 4-6 weeks to complete. Again, this differs by such variables as an individual’s personal writing process and time devoted per week.

IBW Boot Camp writers are assigned an editor who is a veteran author-editor. Their insights are those you would PAY for when attending a writer’s conference or classes. Here, their knowledge is shared freely — make the most of the opportunity.

You will learn IBW writing techniques, including how-to for visual storytelling. (No, not as simple as it sounds!) You will learn techniques for visually strong beginnings and endings. You will be instructed in point-of view, character building, dialogue and developing strong visual descriptions in your work.

There are no forums, no chit-chatting with other authors, etc. This is an intense one-on-one mentoring process. Your editor will be focused on your storytelling skills in preparation for you becoming an IBW author.


Here are some FAQS:




Q:  Does everyone have to go through training, even experienced writers?

A:  Yes. [Return to question list.]

Q:  For what ages can I write? Fiction or nonfiction?

A:  The IBW list includes both fiction and nonfiction for these ages and reading levels:

  • Read-Aloud – (target audience 2-5 years) entertaining listening experience for a small child
  • Beginning Reader – (target audience 5-7 years) low-level vocabulary can be read by a beginning reader
  • Chapter Level Readers – (target audience 7-9 years) vocabulary level grade 2.5 to 3.5
  • Beyond Chapter Level – (target audience 8-12 years) vocabulary level grade 4 [Return to question list.]

Q:  What types of stories are written in Boot Camp?

A:  Boot Camp focuses on rewriting stories in public domain, including genres such as folktales, fairy tales, cultural lore, mythology. Tales in public domain have been told from generation to generation for centuries. So why retell these works? First, they have never been retold in the IBW storytelling format. You will be amazed how IBW creates a story as new and fresh as the digital
21st century.

But the main reason? For teaching the IBW format, retelling is the perfect process. The story is there. The plot is there. The characters are fully developed. All the author needs to focus on is learning the IBW storytelling format. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Is Boot Camp just practice writing?

ANot at all. Each Tale completed to the editor's approval WILL be published by IBW. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What happens after Boot Camp?

AThose who get the IBW storytelling process can then move on to other projects if they chose. We have series concepts ready for staffing. New Boot Camp Graduates will be considered for these positions. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Can I pitch my own ideas?

A:  Yes, once you are a Boot Camp Graduate, you may submit your own stories and/or series concepts for our consideration. (We have accepted several series concepts from recent graduates.) [Return to question list.]

Q:  Can I write IBW stories for other publishers?

A:  No. The IBW is a proprietary storytelling process. ONLY IBW Multimedia can produce products using the IBW storytelling process. Another company or individual producing an IBW product would result in legal action being taken. That may sound extreme. However, this policy not only protects us as a company but also protects IBW authors by ensuring the strongest revenue-streams possible for the products they create. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Do I get a byline on books I write?

A:  Yes, all IBW authors get bylines on their works. [Return to question list.] 

Q:  Can I do my own art for my books?

A:  Perhaps in addition to being a writer you’re an illustrator and/or an animator. If so, after you become a Boot Camp Graduate, do make us aware of your additional talents. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Do you need animators, artists or tech people?

A:  Short answer, yes. Information for these folks is at our companion-site www.IBW-Booksellers.com. Contact info, job specifics, etc. can be seen there. [Return to question list.]



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