First, please allow us say:

We consider each IBW Author an investment.

We strive to establish long-term relationships built upon respect, attention to author development, and ongoing opportunities for attainment of your creative and career goals.

Now, about the money!

HERE are the FAQs:





Q:  How do your royalties work for titles created in your Boot Camp?

A:  All IBW Boot Camp writers receive royalty on the gross sale of their titles. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Do you give advances?

A:  No. In *traditional* publishing, an *advance* was obviously essential to help an author through the lengthy production period, sometimes more than 2 years. With digital publishing, the time from acceptance to in-the-market is GREATLY reduced, typically less than 1/10th that of traditional publishing. Therefore, an *advance* against a product only weeks to *in-the-market* is simply no longer warranted. All Boot Camp titles’ compensation is royalty based. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Will you market my titles?

A:  In addition to receiving broad-scale IBW marketing efforts, each title receives its own marketing plan. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Will you promote me?

A:  In the IBW Boot Camp program, writing multiple titles enables us to promote you as a much-published IBW author. This not only raises your visibility but also helps you to build a fan-base. When a child likes ONE story by an author, he/she wants to read everything the author has written! To have only one title available would be a disappointment. (You never want to disappoint your fans!) So, by having three titles for a child, you may just become their new favorite author! Also, to help you build your fan-base, we provide you with your own Author’s Consultant and social media tech support. They will work with you directly to build visibility and exposure. [Return to question list.]

Q:  How much can I make from my IBW Boot Camp titles?

A:  We anticipate your books will sell well. However, we have no way to predict the specific number of sales for individual titles. YOU will choose what stories YOU wish to write. So MUCH of sales potential lies within your own choices. Our promise is to do our very best to promote sales of your books. Consider you will have not one title but three in the marketplace.  

Also consider this: We are the only company that can use the IBW storytelling process. We are also the only company teaching Visual Text Comprehension (VTC). BOTH of these facts enhance your potential sales. [Return to question list.]

Q:  How fast will my books be on the market?

A:  We will move titles through production processes and into the marketplace as quickly as possible. But because production includes multimedia and technical components, a title's launch is influenced by many variables. An exact date is impossible to provide, but expect 2-3 months post-editorial approvals. Know that we hold to the belief that delay benefits no one. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Will you allow my agent to negotiate my IBW Boot Camp contract?

A:  We are happy to speak with your agent to answer any questions about your contract; however, the Boot Camp contract is non-negotiable. Meaning, all Boot Camp participants receive identical contracts and compensation.  

Why? Because, at the Boot Camp level, all writers are equal. NO ONE yet knows how to write in the IBW format. Therefore, everyone receives the same compensation. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Can my attorney request changes to conditions stated in my IBW Boot Camp contract?

A:  We encourage you to consult your attorney should you need clarification and understanding of your contract. However, the conditions of the contract will not be changed on an individual basis. [Return to question list.]

Q:  So IBW Boot Camp contract and compensation are take-it-or-leave-it?

A:  We feel our equality-across-the-board is fair. You are welcome to disagree. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Will my future IBW contracts and compensation be lucrative?

A:  ABSOLUTELY! For opportunities such as a series, contracts include IP equity and profit-sharing on such as licensing, animation short features, music videos, foreign language distribution, etc. As well, when an author brings to IBW a concept chosen for production, the author-creator’s profit-sharing increases. [Return to question list.]