How to Begin?

Pick-5 Words for 2-5 yr olds.

(Here’s a list of words for your convenience.)

~ For PDF of type words that are good to use when writing stories for children ages 2-5 years, click here.

~ To download as a Word document, click here.


  1. Write a story
  2. Open an email, address
  3. In email SUBJECT Line, type: PICK-5
  4. Write a bio to introduce yourself
  5. Include your SCBWI Region
  6. Drop your completed story in the email

End of YOUR process!



This is OUR process:

  • We read the email
  • Your story is amazing!
  • We send you an email with an offer to write 4 more stories
  • We hear back from you, and you reply: YES!
  • We issue you a contract for your first story plus 4 more
  • You become a much-published children’s author! Congrats!