IBW Educator-Authors



Getting a Pink-Slip can be devastating.


But, sometimes, a closing door is the sound of a new opportunity!



If you have dreamed of being a children’s author and your experience includes PreK-K and/or grade 1-5 classrooms...


We both invite and encourage you to apply for IBW Boot Camp.


Why do we offer a Boot Camp at NO COST?

The IBW is a new storytelling process. So new that, to acquire the authors we need, we are training people to be IBW authors.


At no cost, IBW Boot Camp will provide you with instruction and mentoring in how to write IBW storytelling. You will be on equal-footing with other writers as NO ONE knows how to write in the IBW format! Everyone is a learner!


Who makes a great IBW author?

People who want a writing career and are passionate about children.

Being an educator, your passion for children is obvious!

Let us help you discover your career in writing.



Why would being an IBW author be a great NEW career for an educator?

IBW storytelling is both entertaining and educational for ages 2-12. IBW titles include fiction, nonfiction and the new genre nonfiction-fiction.


IBW-VTC curriculum is foundational learning for STEM and Core objectives. (Consider the Spectrum of IBW-VTC™ Series.)



If, after reviewing info about the Boot Camp, you are interested in applying, please complete the application as directed.


Then, in the SUBJECT LINE, place:
        I am an Educator! I want to be an IBW Author!


If you dream of being a children’s book author...

This is Your Opportunity!